Icon X

About the System

Icon X is considered the classic system for commercial environments. It is widely used for power and data cable management.

Load Tolerances

Icon X Load Tolerance

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Icon X

Commercial Office Buildings


Learning Institutions


4 corner screw panel

System allows fast, efficient installation

Locating gasket on pedestal heads for efficient installation

Pedestal Features

Adjusting and locking nut, Locating gasket, Sound Impact Buffer, Inbuilt expansion joint gasket.

Patented panel design with inbuilt expansion joint and acoustic cutout

Case Study – Barangaroo International Towers

When Lend Lease won the contract to develop Barangaroo South on the Sydney waterfront, their sustainability initiatives included a significant vow to reduce the embodied carbon of building materials by 20% compared to standard construction practices.

In response to this commitment, ASP put a plan into action to measure the carbon footprint of the 300,000m2 of Icon X flooring that was going into the 3 International Towers at Barangaroo South.

Not satisfied with simply measuring the footprint, ASP decided to take the further step of making all product going into the towers carbon neutral through carboNZero certification. With this evidence of environmental responsibility, ASP was awarded
the contract for the 300,000m2 of access floor with Lend Lease, and the project began in earnest.

ASP couldn’t have anticipated the incredible impact that working with Lend Lease on this project would have. As a result, ASP’s environmental initiatives are now a core driving focus in the companies business plan. ASP Access Floors is striving to set the market standard environmentally across the globe.