Casino Environment

Casino design is an intricate process that involves optimising floor plan, décor and atmospherics to encourage consumer gambling. Hidden to the eye of the patron though, are the design elements implemented to cater to the high level security and high load requirements that the casino needs.

ASP Access Floors specifically designs for Casino environments with proprietary features able to sustain the high live load casino requirements.


  • Ease of access for regular of maintenance
  • The access floor provides the building owner, manager and client the ability to clearly define service runs and access. This can help with power metering of areas within a floor space and could help manage power consumption.
  • Ease of maintenance and serviceability with minimal disruption to the office workflow.
  • Reduced maintenance costs when using underfloor services as opposed to maintenance within ceiling voids.

Architectural Considerations

  • The ability to incorporate underfloor air allows for more efficient heating and cooling.
  • Greater design freedom in ceiling materials specification when installing all primary services in the underfloor space. Advantageous in heritage buildings.
  • Improved indoor air quality with the use of underfloor air
  • Ability to construct tiered levels in theatre and convention halls, allowing for underfloor services in these areas

Cost Efficiency

  • When an Access Floor is designed into a new building from the start of the project, service reticulation in the building can be less expensive to install and less expensive to service over the life of the building.

Safety & Security

  • Ease of reconfiguration for the Casino’s high security needs


  • Green Star compliant  /  LEED compliant / High recycled content  /  Low VOC’s   /  Low Carbon footprint.

Load Capacity

  • Various load ratings, meeting requirements of static and live loads, across the access floor.
  • Heavy load capacity to cater for entertainment venue requirements E.g. Slot/Pokie Machines, Promotional display areas, Theatre/Staging arenas.


  • Acoustically rated to control sound transmission between public spaces and private spaces.


  • Ease of accessibility to underfloor services.


  • Design Freedom: Access floor panels can be pre-finished in a number of custom specified floor finishes whilst maintaining full access to the underfloor cavity. Floor finishes may include but are not limited terrazzo, stone, tiles, rubber, cork, marmoleum, vinyl, timber, concrete.