What makes Magnes® Magnetic Flooring unique?

In traditional tongue and groove floor systems, if a centrally located plank is damaged then the floor would need to be completely re-lifted from one edge of the room to this point. Whereas with Magnes®, its unique patented interlocking profile design ensures that only the damaged plank needs be lifted and replaced.

Magnes® is an interlocking, innovative magnetic flooring system that is designed to be directly magnetically bonded to an access floor system.

Healthy, natural and easy to maintain, Magnes® timber panels epitomise the luxury of natural timber floors whilst allowing the functionality of an access floor with 100% underfloor accessibility.

The interlocking timber planks are finished with a magnetic backing so that are able to be quickly and efficiently installed directly over your steel cementitious access floor system. The surface is immediately usable
after installation.

The Magnes® range is also an environmentally friendly FSC Certified option as it’s not only more energy efficient than other surfaces but also uses less energy during production and installation.

The Magnes® Colour Hub is a great starting point to choosing the best finish for your design.

How does Magnes® magnetic flooring work?

Magnes® timber planks are designed with a built-in magnetic base which allows the flooring to bond to the steel cementitious access flooring system.

Access floor systems are designed to allow full accessibility to the under floor services. The use of the Magnes® flooring finish ensures that this accessibility is not obstructed.

Magnes System with panel lifter

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Quick and simple installation

Access to subfloor for inspection

Removable and reusable

Easy replacement of damaged planks

No damages to the subfloor

Either during installation or upon removal

Can be installed over an existing access floor

Can be walked on immediately after installation

Anti-slip R10 surface

Simple cleaning and maintenance


Stylish yet practical

Durable and strong

Healthy and natural

Sustainable & FSC Certified

Improved air quality

Magnes Main Image

Specification sheets for CISCA standards are available upon request >

Please contact ASP Access Floors when specifying the above colours as availability and minimum order quantities may apply to some colours.