1 Bligh Street, Sydney

1 Bligh Street Sydney is a modern high rise office tower achieving the 6 star Green Star accreditation rating. Its circular external shape along with its unusual curved atrium provided ASP Access Floors with a challenging but rewarding project. Multiple floor finishes throughout the building added to the complexity of the access flooring.

ClientDexusBuilderGroconPurpose & SizeCommercial: 40,000m²Duration12 MonthsCompletedJune 2011

Project Features and Highlights

Various floor finishes such as tiling, timber, vinyl and carpet were used which dictated multiple different set-downs in the access flooring. In order to marry the floor against the curved facade of the building, our specially designed 800 x 600mm sized panels were used to achieve the vastness of the curve. Due to the building’s 6 star rating, strict guidelines were placed on the percentage of recycled steel. ASP’s access flooring successfully provided data confirming that our product is made up of up to 90% recycled steel.

Access Floor System Used

Steel Cementitious Ultrafix System with a 4.5kN load rating at 150mm FFH

Product Code: SC-4.5-UF

Steel Cementitious HPL Rigid Grid System with a 4.5kN load rating at 150mm FFH in switch rooms

Product Code: SC-4.5-RG-HPL

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