Project Exclusive

5 Martin Place is a high-profile redevelopment of Sydney’s iconic “Money Box” building. The building comprises over 31,000m2 of premium grade office space 2,500m2 of retail apace.

In 2015, for the fourth time in its history, 5 Martin Place was retransformed. This time, out-of-the-box thinking was the key to creating a result that made economic sense, met the challenging planning constraints and remained true to the heritage elements of the site.

The architectural solution was to demolish the 1968 building and construct a new 20 level building. To make use of all available area and maintain project viability, it was proposed to cantilever nearly half of the building from Level 11 to Level 20, 22 meters over the buildings constructed in 1916 and 1933.

This amazing development stayed true to its heritage and remains an iconic landmark in the city of Sydney.

The Access Floor Scoop

This commercial tower encompasses over 18,800m2 of ASP’s commercial ICON X System. The comms rooms within the tower utilise ASP’s ICON DATA HPL.

5 Martin Place provided a challenging and rewarding project for ASP Access Floors with its large central atrium and its fusion between the existing heritage building and the new built tower wing.

The design of the large central atrium presented ASP’s engineers an opportunity to utilise our cantilevered access floor detail, in order to achieve Johnson Pilton Walker’s design.

ASP engineered a solution to the large expansion joint between the heritage building and new tower, so that the access floor was able to run seamlessly through this transition point.

Featured Products


ICON X is considered the classic system for commercial environments. Featuring the patented ASP Icon Panel with a steel cementitious construction.


ICON Data HPL is a finished system providing static dissipative access floor panels.

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The Who’s Who

Client: Dexus

Architect:Johnson Pilton Walker
TKD Architects

Builder: Grocon

Purpose: Base Build Office Fitout

Size: 18,800m²

Duration: 6 Months

Completed: April 2015