Icon Air

About the System

Icon Air is specifically designed for environments using an underfloor HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

This system incorporates the use of a clip on air tight stringer which creates a seal in between the panels to control and minimise air leakage. With the stringer seal, the underfloor cavity then converts into an air plenum.

Load Tolerances

Icon Air Load Tolerance

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Icon Air

Commercial Office Buildings




4 corner screw panel

Stringered understructure provides air tightness

Pedestal Features

Adjusting and locking nut, Locating gasket, Sound Impact Buffer, Inbuilt expansion joint gasket.

Patented panel design with inbuilt expansion joint and acoustic cutout

Zone baffles can be quickly and efficiently installed

Can accommodate underfloor HVAC services and accessories

Clip on stringer allows for fast air tight installation

Locating gasket on pedestal heads for efficient installation

Icon Air Case Studies