Urban Interlock

About the system

The Urban Interlock System has been designed for applications where stone or tile finishes are to be applied. The panels specially designed interlock edge profile ensures panels remain locked together, eliminating movement.

The science behind the system

The ASP Urban Interlock System has been scientifically designed to disseminate load transference through the system to ensure there are zero stress rises and zero deflection within the system.

Deflection and stress rises were a great problem for access floors in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s due to the basic design and lack of understanding of building movement and design.

ASP has designed a proprietary interlock system that is able to take great loads both static and dynamic. This has provided the perfect solution imitating a secondary slab effect that ensures tiles and stone finishes do not crack.

The Interlock system provides an interlocked design, which ensures no movement and so eliminates the need for substrates. This elimination of substrates means the Interlock is a cost and time efficient design solution.

Load Tolerances

Urban Interlock Load Tolerances
Urban Interlock

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Stone and tiled areas

Lift lobbies


Breakout spaces


4 corner screw panel

System allows fast, efficient installation

Locating gasket on pedestal heads for efficient installation

Pedestal Features

Adjusting and locking nut, Locating gasket, Sound Impact Buffer, Inbuilt expansion joint gasket.

Patented panel design with inbuilt expansion joint and acoustic cutout