Introducing the Origin Panel

The Origin Series was the first access floor system developed in history. The  system, with its wood core, has evolved over time to now be a robust panel which allows a functional and efficient access floor solution.

The steel wrapped Origin Panel is a composition panel with a composition particleboard core. The core is wrapped with galvanized steel, creating a strong durable panel suitable for commercial environments.

Explore the Origin Access Floor Systems

Excellent static and live load performance

Steel encased core adding strength and durability

Ease of maintenance and serviceability with interchangeable panels

Creates a quiet and comfortable underfoot solution

Excellent earthing continuity

High recycled content

Origin Panel

The Panel Construction

SIZE 600mm x 600mm

Medium Grade 30.6mm
Heavy 30.8mm
Extra Heavy Grade 31.2mm

The panel is constructed from a lower sheet of die formed steel with corrosion resistant protection, inside and out, encapsulating a composition wood core. A top sheet of steel is then positioned and the edges are folded and pressed to overlap the lower case

CORE High Density Particleboard

±0.25mm and a flatness tolerance of ±0.5mm measured on a diagonal across the top of the panel

Galvanised Steel

The panel is screw fixed to the pedestal head at all four corners be screw fixed to the pedestal head at all four corners

Moulded Galvanised Steel Top Plate

Moulded Galvanised Steel Bottom Plate

Wood Core

Load tolerances

Origin Load Tolerances