Project Exclusive

Quay Quarter Tower highlights the new standard for what is possible for adaptive reuse in architecture. The building underwent redevelopment in 2018, paving the possibilities for modern design without large environmental impact.

The project was set to reach an ambitious goal, to reuse as much of the existing building as possible. Completed in 2022, their goal was succeeded. QQT retains over 65% of the original structure (beams, columns, and slabs) and 95% of the original core, resulting in an embodied carbon saving of 12,000 tonnes. The iconic structure is a once-in-a-generation project, it proudly sits on the edge of Sydney’s bustling Circular Quay, soring 206-metres.

The redevelopment of QQT continues to be awarded for the innovation and new standard set within the industry. Across 2022-2023 QQT was awarded over 15 national industry awards. Ranging from Environmental Leadership to Development of the Year.

The Access Floor Scoop

Quay Quarter Tower is a prominent commercial tower encompassing over 86,674m2 of ASP’s commercial ICON X 3.0kN System. ICON X features numerous sustainability credentials including an LCA, EPD and 97% recycled content. Assisting in facilitating a successful 6 Star Green Star Rating, along with a Platinum WELL Certification at QQT.

ASP Access Floors ICON X System is the principal component of ASP’s signature ICON Series. The ICON Panels’ patented design features have revolutionised the Access Flooring industry. ICON X panels offer outstanding static and live load performance, ease of maintenance and serviceability with superior durability and lifespan contributing to a significant reduction in life cycle costs.

ICON X is the trusted Access Flooring Solution for all commercial environments.

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ICON X is considered the classic system for commercial environments. Featuring the patented ASP Icon Panel with a steel cementitious construction.

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The Who’s Who

Client: AMP Capital

Architect: Hassell – Foster & Partners

Builder: Multiplex

Purpose: Commercial

Size: Over 85,000m²

Completed: 2022