Introducing the Urban Interlock Panel

The Urban Interlock Panel is a composition panel with its main core ingredients of gypsum and fibre. A galvanized steel base plate is adhered to the core, creating a strong durable panel suitable for various environments.

The Urban Interlock Panel has been designed for applications where stone or tile finishes are to be applied. The panels specially designed interlock edge profile ensures panels remain locked together, eliminating movement.

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Outstanding static and live load performance

Eliminates movement


Moisture resistant

Ease of maintenance and serviceability with interchangeable panels

Great durability and lifespan contributing to a significant reduction in life cycle costs

Prevents cracking in tiled and stone areas

High recycled content

Contributes significantly to Green Star and LEED requirements through a completed product LCA & EPD

Creates a quiet and comfortable underfoot solution

Urban Interlock Panel

The Panel Construction

SIZE 600mm x 600mm

Extra Heavy Grade 30.4mm
Industrial Grade 30.8mm
Heavy Industrial Grade
Super Heavy Industrial

The panel consists of a bare calcium sulphate surface and a bottom galvanized steel reinforcing plate. The panel edges feature an interlocking profile.

CORE Calcium Sulphate

±0.25mm and a flatness tolerance of ±0.5mm measured on a diagonal across the top of the panel

Bare Calcium Sulphate

The panel interlocks to the adjacent panels and can be screw fixed to the pedestal head at all four corners

Side of Urban Interlock Panel

Interlocking Edge Profile Detail

Galvanised Steel Bottom Plate