ASP Access Floors are a leading global company in the access flooring industry, revolutionising access flooring systems and installation. ASP Access Floors specialises in the manufacture, distribution and installation of access flooring solutions Worldwide.

With over 20 years experience, ASP Access Floors has developed and patented multiple unique access floor designs which have been used in some of the most iconic projects around the world. Ongoing research and development allows ASP Access Floors to produce innovative solutions that offer the market quality, versatility and infinite support.

The ASP Access Floor Systems are renowned for their ability to be supremely adaptable to any job brief. The ASP Access Floors service, from consultation to job completion stage, is unparalleled in the access flooring marketplace, and they are renowned for it.

The blueprint of ASP Access Floors is a flair for innovation, which is demonstrated in all they do. They are leaders in their space, and the end result is a seamless, integrated structural system which is functional, offers lifelong durability, and shows a sustainability which ASP Access Floors is committed to. While delivering an unmatched high standard of quality in their products, they also ensure consistent compliance with Environmental Standards
and Regulations.

A Revolutionary Idea

Today, our society uses access flooring in various applications such as:

  • Commercial Building
  • Data Centres
  • Control/Switch and Communications Rooms
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Education Facilities
  • Medical Institutions
  • Defence/Government Services

The flexibility of using an access floor system has created the perfect solution for many owners, developers, builders, designers, architects and facility managers. They work towards what you have in mind to make it happen, and offer after sales and installation accessibility to our ASP Access Floors team so you feel well supported all the way through your design process, project implementation and well after.

ASP provides businesses and developers the perfect balance between optimum design and functionality.

The Benefits

  • Ease of reconfiguration – The modular design of the access floor enables businesses to reconfigure their offices.
  • Reduced costs and ease of maintenance – The cost differentiation between the installation and maintenance of traditional suspended ceiling system versus ASP Access Floors system are exceptionally high. Overall access floors are approximately 40% cheaper to maintain the services.
  • Maintenance – Services can be maintained regularly and without lengthy time delays as servicemen are able to isolate and service particular zones as required, which minimises the interruptions to your workplace.
  • Fast and efficient installation which meets the project timeline – Installing the services in the floor in lieu of the suspended ceiling system dramatically cuts the time of installation, which in turn cuts the overall project construction time.
  • Occupant comfort – With the HVAC system installed in the floor, employees are able to individually control the air pressure and temperature through their office floor diffusers.

The ASP Core catalogue of products includes a large number of complete systems and accessories that cater to all project types.

The catalogue is a comprehensive guide to the patented SNA series, complete with system assemblies, architectural details and technical information to help design the perfect floor for each application.

The ASP Finishes Collection catalogue heroes our Concept +, Magnes® and Eclipse® series which offer access floor panels that are pre-finished in your choice of surface finish to ensure that your design maintains functional accessibility to the services in the underfloor space such as power, data, fire and hydraulics. Concept +, Magnes® and Eclipse® offer the best of both worlds with design freedom and the practicality of access flooring combined.

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