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What makes Eclipse® Porcelain Flooring unique?

Eclipse® is an innovative floating porcelain flooring system that is designed to be directly installed over an access floor system.

Eclipse® Porcelain Panels provides a comprehensive range to create stunning design solutions you’re your existing access floor systems. Beautiful, durable and easy to maintain, these panels epitomise the luxury of natural stone floors at a fraction of the cost.

Opulent 20mm thick 600x600mm tiles are finished with an anti-slip sponge rubber underlay and an ABS plastic edge trim. These panels are installed directly over your steel cementitious access floor system ensuring that your design maintains functional accessibility to the services in the underfloor space such as power, data, fire and hydraulics.

The Eclipse® Colour Hub is a great starting point to choosing the best finish for your design.

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How does Eclipse® magnetic flooring work?

Eclipse® porcelain tiles are designed with a built-in rubber backing which allows the flooring to bond to your access flooring system.

Access floor systems are designed to allow full accessibility to the under floor services. The use of the Eclipse® flooring finish ensures that this accessibility is not obstructed.

Eclipse Flooring System

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