Data Centre / Comms Environment

As our world increasingly becomes more digitally connected, Data Centres are constantly leveraging new systems, methods and advanced technologies. It is of high importance to ASP Access Floors that the company is abreast the new solutions and concepts around data centre architecture and design.

ASP Access Floors data centre solutions focus on aiding the data centre to run more optimally which in turn creates a competitive advantage for them.


  • Ease of access for regular maintenance.
  • The access floor provides the building owner, manager and client the ability to clearly define service runs and access. This can help with power metering of areas within a floor space and could help manage power consumption.
  • Reduced maintenance costs when using underfloor services as opposed to maintenance within ceiling voids.

Architectural Considerations

  • The ability to incorporate underfloor air to allow for ventilation and enhance temperature control.
  • Rack cooling options either through under rack cutouts or floor air grilles.
  • Multiple and extensive services that are required in data centre and communication rooms are able to be concealed within the floor cavity.
  • Ability to use ASP Proprietary Bridging stringer to bridge large spans of ducts and other services that are over 600mm.

Cost Efficiency

  • When completing alterations to or maintenance within the floor space, it has been found installing additional services to the underfloor space is far more cost effective than within the ceiling space. Acoustic ceiling tiles damage easily and up to 70% need replacing during a cycle of fit out works.
  • When an Access Floor is designed into a new building from the start of the project, service reticulation in the building can be less expensive to install and less expensive to service over the life of the building.

Safety & Security

  • Elimination of safety hazards in office environments with all cabling and services safely contained in the underfloor cavity.


  • Green Star compliant / LEED compliant / High recycled content / Low VOC’s / Low Carbon footprint / Floorscore certified

Load Capacity

  • Various load ratings, meeting requirements of static and live loads, across the access floor.


  • Ease of accessibility to underfloor services.
  • Gravity laid panels allow quick and easy access to underfloor services for maintenance, rerouting
    or upgrading.


  • Pre-finished Anti-Static and conductive HPL and Vinyl floor finish options are available.