Icon HD

About the System

Icon HD offers an upgrade on Icon X, Icon Rigid and Icon Air for panel loads of 9kN, 11kN and 13kN.

This upgrade incorporates thicker steel that the standard systems which provide a longer lifespan and comes with an extended product warranty of 20 years.

Icon HD is suitable for environments that are subject to regular heavy live rolling loads.

Load Tolerances

Icon HD Load Tolerance

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Icon HD



Areas of high rolling loads

4 corner screw panel

Stringered understructure provides air tightness

Pedestal Features

Adjusting and locking nut, Locating gasket, Sound Impact Buffer, Inbuilt expansion joint gasket.

Patented panel design with inbuilt expansion joint and acoustic cutout

Heavy duty options available

High end specialty applications

Ability to withstand heavy load and high traffic areas

Locating gasket on pedestal heads for efficient installation

Robust system for high load and specialty applications

Heavy duty stringer and pedestal design

Case Study – Star Casino

The Star Casino is the second largest casino in Australia, located on the famous Darling Harbour waterfront. Probuild recently completed for The Star Entertainment Group a large gaming floor expansion within Sydney’s landmark casino.

Essentially, casino design is an intricate process that involves optimising floor plan, décor and atmospherics to encourage consumer gambling. Hidden to the eye of the patron though, are the design elements implemented to cater to the high level security and high load requirements that the casino needs.

ASP Access Floors supplied and installed their patented Icon HD casino grade system throughout the new extension.  This system is specifically designed with proprietary features to sustain the high live load casino requirements.

The rigid grid understructure allows panels to be lifted, reconfigured and replaced on a regular basis with ease, and creates no disruption to the grid layout. This adaptability ensures the casino’s high level security processes are able to be completed.