University of Adelaide

The 8 floor 6 Star Adelaide University project required an Air Tight access floor system. Due to the University’s learning environment, the acoustic properties of the access flooring was a high priority in order to decrease sound transmission through the floor between classrooms.

ClientUniversity of AdelaideBuilderHindmarsh ConstructionsPurpose & SizeUniversity: 10,000m²Duration12 MonthsCompletedJanuary 2010

Access Floor System Used:

Steel Cementitious Ultra fix stringerless Air Tight system with a 4.5Kn loading at 350mm FFH

Product Code: SC-64-4.5-UF-AT with Soberfoam Acoustic Foam

Project Features and Highlights:

This project introduced a new concept combining ASP Access Floor’s Air Tight System with an acoustic form baffling system. The product “Soberfoam” was utilized and the 25mm foam panels were fixed with an adhesive to the underside of the access floor panels.

The foam panels were also incorporated with ASP’s proprietary air highway system to provide insulated acoustic baffles between zones.

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