Telstra Data Centre Clayton, Victoria

The new Telstra Data Centre and Switch Room utilized a super industrial grade access floor to deliver ease of moving switchboards and UPS units during construction and over the life of the data centre.

ClientTelstraBuilderLend LeasePurpose & SizeData Centre: 2,000m²Duration6 MonthsCompletedDecember 2010

Access Floor System Used:

Steel Cementitious HPL Rigid Grid System with an 11kN loading at 950mm FFH

Product Code: SC-64-11-RG-HPL

Project Features and Highlights:

The specification contained special requirements which saw the need for some of the ASP products to be specially designed to meet project requirements. In the specification, the air grilles required a 100% damper shut off. Also, the earthing requirements saw the need for a continuous connection from panel right through to the pedestal base.

The project did however present some installation challenges due to the large quantity of switchboards. The self-supporting switchboards required a multitude of cuts in the access floor and so ASP utilized our 1200mm and perimeter stringers to support these cuts.