ANZ Centre, 833 Collins Street, Melbourne

The Global Head Office for ANZ required an Air Tight access floor system with smoke and zone baffling. Due to the design of the mechanical units, the specification required each zone to be tested to comply with a controlled air leakage rate of 0.7277l/s.m² without floor coverings.

ClientANZBuilderBovis Lend LeasePurpose & SizeCommercial: 83,550m²Duration6 MonthsCompletedDecember 2009

Project Features and Highlights:

One of the world’s greenest bank buildings. A 14-storey, low-rise ground scraper featuring a dynamic central atrium space and fully-connected floor plan.

A controlled leakage rate was achieved. Each zone was tested and complied with an air leakage rate of:

  • 0.7277l/s.m² without floor coverings.
  • 0.1386l/s.m² with floor coverings.

The large floor plate, of up to and over 10,000m², would have proved to be a challenge in terms of expansion and creep if it was not for our specially designed and patented pedestal head and panel. The panel has a special expansion cut out, and the pedestal head is fitted with an expansion gasket designed to keep the panels separated by 0.3mm at all times. This eliminates the panels clicking or rubbing up against each other during expansion. The use of bridging stringers for services ensured penetrations in the ductwork were kept to a minimum. ASP staff coordinated with other services to ensure penetrations were correctly located and properly sealed.

Access Floor System Used

Steel Cementitious Air Tight System with a 4.5kN loading.

Product Code: SC-4.5-AT

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