“ASP proudly announces our organisations membership with the Green Building Council of Australia”

“ASP has achieved Carbon Zero Certification on our Steel Cementitious Ultrafix System”

“ASP is proudly now a CEMARS certified organisation.”

ASP has now completed numerous Green Star projects such as ANZ Head Office Docklands, Commonwealth Bank Darling Walk, 1 Bligh St Sydney, Australian Catholic University VIC, and The University of Adelaide New Engineering Building along with many others. We are committed to work the Green Building Council of Australia through our production of products with low VOC content and high recycled material content.

The ASP Access Floors Environmental Policy outlines how ASP endeavours to use recycled materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The implementation of the policy will ensure ASP:

  • Considers sustainability in all relevant decision making
  • Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Produce less waste and increase recycling

The aim of this policy is to incorporate ecologically sustainable development principles in every facet of design, manufacturing and installation with the introduction of four key objectives:

  1. Indoor Environment Quality
  2. Waste Management
  3. Recycled Content
  4. Life Cycle