Concept + Cork is a finished system providing strong, durable panels with the natural comfort and warmth of cork. Sustainable, natural and easy to maintain, these cork panels provide beauty, warmth and durability whilst allowing the functionality of an access floor with 100% underfloor accessibility.

Cork is sourced from the outer bark of the Quercus Super Cork oak tree. These trees grow mainly in the Mediterranean region of the world. The harvest, which occurs every 9 years, does not harm the tree, and allows the tree’s life to continue.

Cork comprises a natural waxy substance called Suberin that makes it naturally resistant to moisture, mould and mildew. It also helps retain the air, making cork a great natural insulator.

As cork’s composition is millions of air-filled cells, it allows sound absorption, air tightness, waterproof properties, slip resistance and the elasticity to return to its original shape after compression.

The Concept + Cork range is an environmentally friendly option with 100% post-industrial recycled content.

The cork is prefinished onto a 600x600mm access floor panel, ensuring that your design maintains functional accessibility to the services in the underfloor space such as power, data, fire and hydraulics.

The Cork Colour Hub is a great starting point to choosing the best finish for your design. However, if you are looking for something different, we are happy to work with you to design a specifically designed panel for your project.


100% post-industrial recycled content

Completely renewable source

Absorbs sound and impact noise

Warm underfoot thermal properties


Strong and flexible


Air tight

Elasticity to reform after compression


Durable and strong

Easy to maintain

Easy to clean