About Us

ASP Access Floors Pty Ltd is a leading global company that specializes in the manufacture, distribution and installation of access floors across Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries. Our sole mission at ASP is to provide all of our clients with exceptional products and service.


Since our conception ASP has delivered some of the most effective solutions on the market. Through research and analysing current trends and problems that occur within access floors, we have already developed some of the most unique and effective products on the market:


  1. S Series Under Structure System
    The only under structure system to provide an inbuilt expansion joint into the pedestal design, as well as a specialised cushioning and sound absorption gasket.
  2. AT System
    A complete Air Tight access floor solution specifically designed to minimise and control the amount of air leakage. The system is complete with a propriety Air Tight Stringer and Air Highway/Baffle System.
  3. An Access Floor Assembly And Components Therefor
  4. Adjustable and Lockable Pedestal for an Access Floor Assembly
  5. A Noise Attenauating and Vibration Dampering Pedestal for an Access Floor Assembly
  6. Air Highway Stringer and Underfloor Air Ducting System
  7. Power and Data Mounting Bracket for an Access Floor Assembly
  8. An Earthing Connector for an Access Floor Panel
  9. Head for an Access Floor Pedestal
  10. An Access Floor Panel

ASP provides businesses and developers the perfect balance between optimum design and functionality. Other key benefits include:

  1. Ease of Reconfiguration
    As mentioned previously the modular design of the access floor enables businesses to re-configure their offices.
  2. Costs
    The cost differentiation between the installation and maintenance of traditional suspended ceiling system Vs. ASP access floor system are exceptionally high. Overall access floors are approximately 40% cheaper to install and maintain the services.
  3. Project Time Line
    Installing the services in the floor in lieu of the suspended ceiling system dramatically cuts the time of installation, which in turn cuts the overall project construction time.
  4. Maintenance
    Services can be maintained regularly and without lengthy time delays as service men are able to isolate and service particular zones as required, which minimises the interruptions to your work place.
  5. Comfort
    With the HVAC system installed in the floor, employees are able to individually control the air pressure and temperature through their office floor diffusers.

With much success with the features highlighted above, ASP has already revolutionised the access floor industry worldwide. However as technology is advancing so is the way we design and shape our working environments, with this in mind we have developed a brand new catalogue of products that will simply change the way an access floor is applied to a project.

The SNA Series developed by ASP is the most effectual access flooring system we have ever developed. We have drawn from our experiences as well as those from our competitors to develop a complete series of products that will cater to all of your projects needs with no limitations.